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PVC Vinyl Fencing Accessories

Adjustable Vinyl Fence Post Leveling Collars

Our post levelling collars are the best post-to-pipe pole leveling accessory on the market, allowing you to install your steel posts without using concrete. The post levelling collars have a round exterior with oblong “donut hole” centering hole. Also known as a post socket, adapter or collar, the post collars will assist in building a straighter fence in less time.

Your customers will be pleased with a clean, damage-free installation–without the need of a skidsteer, auger or concrete mixer. You will save money on vinyl because the PVC post length stays above grade—a six-foot fence requires only a six-foot post. The post leveling collars also allow you to make quick adjustments in the rare occurrence of post shifting, reducing warranty issues. Our post collars have been proven in some of the harshest climates and most difficult soil conditions in the world.

Vinyl fence adjustable post Collar

Top Rail Tie System

Our Top Rail Tie System allows you to install vinyl fence without causing undue stress on the post by securely fastening the top rail within a PVC fence post. It replaces the need for the installing simple keeper screws, thus distributing the stress from the top rail to the strongest part of the posts. It also eliminates post failures at the routed holes from incorrect stressing and cracking.

Vinyl fence top rail tie fastener

Gate Latches & Hinges

Stainless Steel Gate Latch

Pool Safety Latch -

36" Keyed Locking
Drop Rod

Gate Brace

Stainless Steel
Self Closing Hinge

Shotgun Closer

Keyless Gate Lock Adapter

Mechanical Keypad Lever Lock - 2-Sided

Vinyl Fence Post & Picket Caps

Internal Flat Post Cap

Available in 5” in White

Internal pyramid-style flat cap for vinyl fenceVinyl fence internal pyramid post cap

External Flat Post Cap

Available in 5” in White, Tan, Dark Maple, Grey or Adobe

External flat cap on vinyl fence postPlastic external flat post cap for vinyl fencing

New England Post Cap

Available in 5” in White, Tan, Dark Maple, Grey or Adobe

White PVC new england post fence capPVC new england vinyl fence post cap

Gothic Post Cap

Available in 5” in White, Tan, Grey or Adobe

Plastic gothic cap for PVC fencingPVC fence post gothic cap

Solar Light Post Cap

Only available in 5” in White

White vinyl solar post cap at nightVinyl fence solar light post cap in white

Dog Ear Picket Cap

⅞” x 3″ in White

Dog ear picket cap for vinyl fenceDog ear picket cap for PVC fence

Spade Picket Cap

Available in 7/8” X 3” and in White

Spade picket cap for white PVC fenceSpade picket cap for vinyl fence pickets

Spike Picket Cap

Available in 1.5” X 1.5” and in White

Spike picket cap for vinyl fenceVinyl fence spike picket cap

Flat Picket Cap

Available in 1.5” X 1.5” and in White

Flat top vinyl picket cap

Vinyl Fence Rail Caps & Mounts

Arbour Rail Cap

Available for 2″ x 3½” or 2″ x 6″ rail in White

Vinyl arbour rail cap for pergola

Flat Rail Cap

Available in 2” X 3.5” and 2” X 6” in White

Flat rail end cap for vinyl fence rail

Vinyl Post Base Cover

Available in 5″ in White, Tan, Dark Maple, Grey or Adobe

PVC fence post decorative base cover

Straight Rail Mount

2″ x 3½” in White

Flat mount rail connector for vinyl fence post

Angle Rail Mount

Available in 4” or 5” in White

Angle rail mount for vinyl fence rails on stairs


PVC Cement

Available in Grey, White,Tan or Adobe.

PVC glue for vinyl fence

Matching Rivets

Rivets for vinyl fence available in white, grey, adobe, tan

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