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Steel Fence Product Specification

Malden Metals Privacy Steel Panels

Malden Metals privacy steel fencing is manufactured to be tough and powerful. Also, more ribs are incorporated for long-lasting strength. Its well ordered overlap are designed to remove any rattling between tracks.

  • 16 Gauge Steel Posts
  • 26 Gauge Steel Fence Panels
  • Standard Height of 6ft but can be cut down to fit whatever requirements
  • Extra Strength Steel Post Base for extra strength installation on concrete walls
steel fence panels

Paint & Coating

steel fence base

The steel base is manufactured with strict adherence to grade and strength requirements in order to meet Canadian Standards. The base is more than just paint on steel or powder coat. It is coated with industry leading metallic coating to provide enhanced corrosion resistance. Even more, a pre-treatment is applied to optimize the adhesion of further coatings.

Another procedure that strengthens the steel base is the addition of corrosion inhibitive primer baked on its surface. Finally, a topcoat of specially developed exterior grade paint is parched onto it. This is done to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering. Also, to ensure that the finish keep its designer look for much longer.

Fencing Colour

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