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Metal Fence Warranty

Armour Guard Fence Warranty

Our products are accompanied by promises that are included under the Canadian Law. If a product has a major failure, you are entitled to a refund or replacement. You are also eligible for compensation on any acceptable likely loss or damage. Repair or replacement is also granted in case the product does not pass the acceptable quality and the deficiency does not amount significant failure.

Product Features

  • Built from proven and tested prepainted high-tensile steel
  • Natural conditions will not perforate the product in a span of 10 years
  • Exterior paint will not flake or peel in a span of 10 years
  • All products are dispatched following thorough inspection

Checklist to ensure warranty is not voided

  • Paint finish must not be damaged in any way such as scratched, abraded or coated with any other paints or mismatched materials. It is not recommended to use touch up paints over the applied paint finish.
  • Fence must not be installed within 1 kilometer of a marine or corrosive industrial environment.
  • Fence must be installed in accordance with Amour Guard Steel Privacy Fence standards.
  • Fence or its components must not be transformed or modified into another product by welding the components.
  • Fence must not come into contact with any chemicals, salt, acidic soil or any incompatible metals such as lead or copper.

Fence Maintenance Guideline

  • Wash down periodically with water to maintain the best appearance of the fence.
  • Pay extra special attention to the area under the top rail as this is covered from natural washing by rain.
  • Do not let the bottom rails and posts of your fence touch soil, garden fill or dirt as this will retain water and lead to corrosion.
  • Do not spray the fence and rails with garden sprays or fertilizers as they can damage the surface. Wash the fence with water if this happened.
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