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Author: Jason Ardell

Semi-privacy Vinyl Fence with spacing

Don’t Settle for Just Any Vinyl Fence

Privacy fences are nice for making an area your own and giving you the privacy you may want. There are not any gaps between panels, thus you're given most privacy.
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Is Vinyl Fencing For You?

Vinyl Fence has become the best fencing option for most property and homeowners today. We have listed a few of the many features and benefits you will find with your vinyl fence.
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What makes a strong vinyl fence

What makes a strong vinyl fence?

Typically with pickets, the more internal ribs you see, the stronger the pickets and greater the ability to withstand different forces. Our rails also have ribs inside to add strength.
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What composes Premium Vinyl Fencing?

What are DFS Vinyl Products made with?

Choosing a vinyl fence product can be a daunting task and DFS is here to help. There are some essential ingredients because your vinyl fence must last a lifetime.
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How to clean PVC vinyl fence

How to Clean PVC Vinyl Fence

Basically the only maintenance is to keep it clean. A simple wash with a garden hose once or twice a year will usually be the only thing you will have to do.
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