Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

The perfect fence style for large areas like acreages, ranches, farms, condo projects or even golf courses and parks. The simple ranch rail styling ensures quick and easy installation. Ranch rail made from wood looks great when installed, but after a few short years, the wood becomes weathered and requires painting. Our ranch rail fence styles always look great, require very little maintenance and never need painting!

The strength and durability of our PVC fencing comes from our standard features like aluminum rail inserts and 2.38” diameter steel posts. To learn more about the features of our Premium Vinyl Fencing™, click here.

Choose your style below in a variety of our standard colours and finish it off with your choice of post cap and PVC fence accessories.

Eldorado II Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

The Eldorado II has two horizontal fence boards making it the easiest and fastest installed vinyl product we carry. Because it’s made from low-maintenance vinyl, you’ll avoid the cost and hassle of painting every few years, and the fence will always look great! It makes a great border fence for an acreage, golf course or park.

*For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalogue.


Eldorado III Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

The most popular choice for ranch style fence, the Eldorado III is a three-rail ranch fence that’s perfect for containing larger animals. With three rails, installation is fairly quick and easy, even when the area is large. Install this fence around a pasture or riding arena and immediately improve the look and resale value of your acreage.

*For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalogue.

Eldorado IV Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

The addition of a fourth rail makes the Eldorado IV a great selection for containing smaller farm animals like sheep and goats. The Eldorado IV is a lower cost choice for containing animals when compared to a picket or pool fence and is easier to install if you are installing it yourself.

*For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalogue.

Sunnydale Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

A different spin on the standard ranch rail fence, the Sunnydale, as all of our fence styles, is made completely out PVC. Each rail and is factory routered and fit directly in the fence post, opposed to wooden fences where the rails are mounted to the exterior. This provides an easy installation and a cleaner finish. Choose a different colour and add a little more flair.

*For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalogue.

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